Studex® Products

Studex range of products includes, "System 75" to meet the demands of professional ear piecing technicians, "Studex Universal" the most widely used ear piecing system in the world, "Studex Sensitive" & "Studex Select" the safest instruments designed with hypoallergentic earrings. Studex also offers accessories such as ear care solution&gel, non toxic marking pen, sterile pads & more.

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Studex Environment

Studex - Gentle to Ears, Gentle to Earth. Our commitment has always been to provide safe and gentle products for people with sensitive ears of any age. Our safe and gentle nature is also seen through our sensitivity to earth. Studex® and our employees are committed to efficient manufacturing procedures to reduce our green house gas emissions on the earth.

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Studex® Video

Take a look at Studex Videos from the introduction to training of ear piecing, nose piecing, body piecing, and more! Watch out these useful videos to understand this world class piecing instrument kits and the safest procedure for ear piecing and nose piecing methods.

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Studex® After Care

Though post piecing complications are rare when using Studex® products as directed, statistics shows that by far the greatest percentage of all post piecing complications are caused through negligent after care procedures performed by customers. In order to promote a trouble free healing process, customers receiving an ear piercing with Studex® products should observe this advise;

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